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Travel Yearning

I don’t think I am alone in saying  it can sometimes feel impossible not to long for a certain place, many years after living or visiting. It holds memories and feelings we crave.  Experiences that may be painful to remember so far away.

My place would have to be the beautiful city of the Czech Republic: Prague.

The winding cobblestone streets still weave through my dreams every once in a while. As do flashes of the castle I’d glimpse on the tram ride to school. Or my favorite secret park, tucked away behind towering walls, which tourists would unknowingly stroll right past. My favorite activity in Prague was to simply wander, with no specific destination in mind. To get lost, and find something amazing and new.

Living somewhere for three months really allows you to become an insider. I learned important Czech words, great places to eat, and different customs. For example, sniffling is considered extremely rude and aggravating to Czechs and it is rare to get a smile from a local on the tram (though once you get to know them, the people are very warm and inviting).

I was also excited as an artist to discover a new favorite: David Cerny. He has some very cool sculptures tucked away in different parts of the city, which I’d highly recommend seeing.    

Prague is a beautiful city, with an amazing collection of art, architecture, and culture.

I can’t wait to go back, and wander the beautiful streets again.

Please share any of your own travel yearnings, places you can’t wait to go back to, memories you never want to forget.


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